Leenda's Virtual Island Adventure

Imagine you are quarantined on my island. It's a magical place where gymnastics competitions still take place! Leenda (Judge Linda's Hungarian coaches' pronunciation of her name) is offering a virtual competition for all gymnasts who have had their season come to an unforeseeable halt. On the island you will get awarded for all your hard work this past season. To enter, go to gymjudgelinda.com

Enter the number of events you wish to compete. Entering four events will automatically enter you in the All-Around. Entry deadline is April 19th. You will pay on the website through PayPal.

After entering, e-mail your videos to askajudge@gymjudgelinda.com

Send your best routine of the season on each event. Judge Linda will judge all routines and vaults in real time. This is not an evaluation but a ranking event. This is a nationwide competition! All competitors will receive awards. Rankings will be posted on the website along with videos of the winners!

Please send the following information:

  1. A video for each event entered
  2. Your Level
  3. Your age as of April 19th
  4. Your mailing address for shipment of awards
  5. Agree or disagree to have your videos posted on gymjudgelinda.com

Join me for this year end competition. Good Luck!!!

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