About Judge Linda

I have been involved in the great sport of gymnastics for over 40 years.  As a member of the Green Bay YMCA and Georgia College gymnastics teams, I won many state championships and was nationally ranked.  I spent my summers away from home training with Hungarian coach Geza Martiny.  I received a scholarship to Georgia College where Geza was the head coach. Throughout my gymnastics career I competed in eight National Championships.

My first sport was not gymnastics.  My parents were professional ice skaters. I started skating as soon as I could walk.

My second sport was synchronized swimming.  When I entered school, my mom took a job with the Green Bay YMCA and started a water ballet club.  I performed in my first show, a solo number, at the age of five.  I went on to become a state and regional champion.  I had the opportunity to participate in many sports.  Besides gymnastics and synchronized swimming, I also competed in speed swimming, diving, played softball, volleyball and was a National Champion on the YMCA Athletic Achievement Team.  I also studied dance, jazz, tap, and ballet, and was a member of a performing dance troupe.

I am very thankful to may parents for exposing me to so many different sports.  Gymnastics is where I eventually focused all my time and energy.  I credit my parents, Roy and Lois McDonald, for allowing me to zero in on my passion, not theirs, gymnastics.

I became a judge on Coach Martiny's recommendation.  While at Georgia College, I took a judging course, passed the test, and began my judging career in 1978.  I continued to work my way up the judging ranks, reaching the national level.

Judging has been a wonderful way for me to stay involved in the sport I love.  Becoming a judge was the best decision I ever made for myself.  Judging has not only kept me involved with my sport, but also has provided me with a variety of wonderful opportunities and lifelong friendships.  I cant imagine my life without gymnastics.

The three greatest influences in my life have been my mother, my father, and my coach.

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