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This is an example of an evaluation, what you will receive if you sent me a video of a floor routine.

Level 10 Floor

1 ½ turn (B)    Nice control, could show more stretch (internal amplitude) .05 to .10

Round off (A) –flic (A) -double tucked salto (D)   Legs apart .05 to .10

                                                                                 Two steps .20

                                                                                 Chest down on landing .10 to .15        

(-.10 from the average score for out of bounds)

Switch Side (C)) - Split full (C))        C+C=.10 Bonus

Bent knee on switch .05 to .10 to possibly not receiving credit if it is bent too much.

                                                            Switch slightly overturned .05 to .10

                                                            Split full not 180°     .05 to .10

                                                            Split full incomplete .05 to .10

Ground work interesting and unique, good for artistry.

Front handspring (A) - front layout (B) – front full (C) B+C=.20 Bonus

                                                            Both saltos could be higher .05 to .15 each

Strug (C))                                            Split not 180°  .05 to .10

Round off (A) -  flic (A) back 1½ twisting salto (C) – front layout (B)    

 C+B=.20 Bonus

                                                            Both saltos could be higher .05 to .15 each

                                                            Body position on layout .05 to .10

Full twisting Schushunova (C))          Chest drops too soon .05 to .10

5 A’s

3 B’s

6 C’s

1 D = .10 bonus

+ .50 connection bonus

Special Requirements

Leap pass – yes

Two salto series – yes

Three different salto – yes

C dismount - yes                     Start Value 10.0

Compositional Deductions

Balance between dance and tumbling – you have D tumbling but no D dance, .10 to .15

Distriubtion–you start with a D and end with a C+ B, the finish could be stronger, .05 to .10





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