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This is an example of an evaluation, what you will receive if you sent me a video of a beam routine.

 Level 5 Beam

Mount                         Flexed foot .05

Heel snap turn             Dropped the heel too early, incomplete turn .05-.10

Leap                            Lack of split .10-.15, the leap was about 75, the minimum is 90

                                    Amplitude of leap .10-.15, could be higher

Weight transfer           Rhythm .05-.10, too slow and cautious

Handstand                  From my angle it seems short of vertical, .05-.10

                                    Failure to hold .05-.10, could have been held longer

2 Pivot turns                Lack of sharpness .05 each turn, the turns could be sharper

                                    Small wobble at the end of the turn, .05 - .10

turn                          Incomplete turn .05-.10, heel drops a little too soon

                                    Wobble .05

Cartwheel                    Slight pike in hips, legs not quite through vertical .05-.10    

                                    Wobble at the end of the cartwheel .15-.20

                                    Another small wobble .05

Straight jump              Lack of amplitude .05-.10, could be higher

Split jump                    Lack of amplitude .05-.10, could be higher

                                    Excellent split, exceeds the requirement

                                    Flexed feet .05

Wobble .10-.20

Rhythm .05-.10           This section of the routine, after the jumps to the dismount, is too slow and cautious.

Scale                            Very nicely done, good amplitude and posture

2 small off balance movements, .05 each

Handstand dismount  Body position .05-.10

Landing: I would take .05 for turning to salute before straightening your knees.  Land the dismount, straighten the knees to the finished position, then turn and salute the judge.

Overall the routine is a good routine, working on toe with good posture. 




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