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This is an example of an evaluation, what you will receive if you sent me a video of a bar routine.

Level 9 Bars

 Kip (A)

Cast Handstand (B)    Short of handstand      .05

                                    Legs apart                   .05-.10

Clear Hip (C)              Short of vertical          .05                   C+C+.10 bonus

Toe Shoot (C))            Amplitude                   .05 to .10

                                    Lack of swing             .10 to .20

Long Hang Kip (A)    Bent arms                    .10 to .20

Cast Handstand (B)   

Giant Half (C)             Incomplete giant swing .05 to .10

Timing of turn             .05 to .15         C+C+.20 bonus

Bail (C)                       Legs apart                   .05 to .10 (both have turn or flight)

                                    Body position (arch)   .05 to .10                    

Kip (A)

Squat On (A)              pause on low bar before jumping .05

Long Hang Kip (A)

Giant (B)


Double Flyaway Tuck             Opening of the chest               .05 to .10

                                                Hop on landing                       .05 to .10

                                                Additional arm movements    .05 to .10

Value Parts    4 Aís

4 Bís

5 Cís

Special Requirements           Minimum B flight-yes

                                                Minimum C turn or flight-yes

Two bar changes-Yes

Minimum B salto dismount-yes       

Bonus +.30                 Start Value 10.0

Compositional Deductions   

No forward circle or release move is a flat     .05

Variation of elements                                      .05 to .10   Three giants, a bail, a toe shoot and a clear hip.  Not a lot of variation.

Distribution of elements                                 .05 to .10   Most of the difficulty is in the           beginning of the routine.

Overall the routine is a good Level 9 routine meeting all the requirements.




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